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A thrilling new twist on Grail myth, Graëlstorm is the sequel to Graëlfire and the second installment of the Cathar Grail Quest Saga, a fantasy adventure full of intrigue, tyranny, and the lust for power, shot through with the angst of star-crossed attraction.

graelstormLena Dubois is an enigma. In Graëlfire, we followed her quest for the Cathars’ Graëlstone, which embroiled her in a feud spanning universes, where malevolent forces eight hundred years in the making propelled her to a deadly showdown.

In Graëlstorm, Lena is abducted to a realm beyond Earth and discovers the secret of her real identity. Plunged into a clash between Titan-like immortals, she must battle cosmic forces to survive and fulfill her destiny.



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