Story World

Enter the world of The Cathar Grail Quest Saga. The following links will take you to the heart of my novels, Graëlfire and Graëlstorm.

Reference Guide

Unlock the mysteries of The Cathar Grail Quest Cosmos. Gain insights into its characters, worldbuilding features, and unseen forces. This is your gateway to understanding profound questions that echo through the multiverse: Where do universes come from? Do we have a purpose? What is our destiny?

Mythic Roots

Explore the inspiration, research, challenges, and creative choices that shaped The Cathar Grail Quest Saga. The story weaves together elements from classic Arthurian legends, Cathar history, and Gnostic myth into a fantasy adventure that spans time and universes. This is your behind-the-scenes look into the art of creating an intriguing new spin on age-old mythologies, embracing the idea that myths are not static, but rather dynamic stories that evolve over time.

Happy exploring!

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