Reshaping Myths for

 The Cathar Grail Quest Saga


I am delighted to announce the latest addition to my author’s website: a dedicated page entitled Story World: The Cathar Grail Quest Saga. This new page delves into the creative process behind my novels Graëlfire and Graëlstorm.

Fascination with history and mythology has been the driving force behind my storytelling. The Cathar Grail Quest Saga is told through two interconnected timelines: one set in the present, and a subplot revolving around the medieval Cathars. The story combines elements from classic Arthurian Grail quests, Cathar history and Gnostic creation mythology. This fusion of fact, mystery, and legend takes readers on an otherworldly adventure that spans time and universes.

The new webpage offers a glimpse into the inspirations, challenges, and creative choices that bring a fresh twist to the timeless Grail quest tradition. My belief is that myths are not static; they are living entities that evolve and adapt to different cultures and eras. Without further ado, I invite you to visit the recently launched page and accompany me on a journey through reimagined mythology.

Happy reading!

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