Dystopia: Liberty vs Power

“Power is not a means; it is an end…The object of power is power.” –Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell. My novel Graëlstorm delves into the timeless tug-of-war between liberty and power. In this fictional cosmos, three immortal beings called Arkheïa reign over the mortal realm using a genetically engineered race of Graëlheem to impose their will….Read More

Landscape as a Muse

“… a huge peak, black and huge, As if with voluntary power instinct, Upreared its head. I struck and struck again, And growing still in stature the grim shape Towered up between me and the stars, and still, For so it seemed, with purpose of its own And measured motion like a living thing, Strode…Read More

Introducing New Webpage

Reshaping Myths for  The Cathar Grail Quest Saga   I am delighted to announce the latest addition to my author’s website: a dedicated page entitled Story World: The Cathar Grail Quest Saga. This new page delves into the creative process behind my novels Graëlfire and Graëlstorm. Fascination with history and mythology has been the driving…Read More

Creating Great Stories

The Alchemy of Imagination, Creativity, and Technique “Creativity is putting your imagination to work.” – Sir Ken Robinson Storytelling comes to us in so many ways. Through novels and games to the stage and the screen, writers entertain us with their imagination, creativity, and mastery of technique. Although creativity is used broadly to mean making…Read More

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