With the release of Graëlfire’s sequel coming up, I’m excited to share with you the updated book cover for Graëlfire, which also features a new series title.

Throughout history, the Holy Grail has been a prize sought by kings, knights, and adventurers. Myths about the Grail are many. Some claim it’s the cup Christ drank from at the Last Supper, others that it is a supernatural stone with magical powers that was brought to Earth by angels, while yet more believe it is a symbol of Jesus’ bloodline. But all the myths have one thing in common: No evidence remains of the Grail’s fate, and history is silent about its whereabouts. In this silence, legend has grown and inspired a myriad of quests.

One branch of the legend focuses on the tradition that members of a medieval Christian heretic sect, the Cathars, were guardians of the Grail and kept it at their spiritual stronghold, the Castle of Montségur in Southern France. When the fortress fell during the Pope’s crusade against them, the Cathars spirited the relic out of the castle before its surrender and then hid it away for its protection. When the last Cathars died during the Pope’s suppression of their sect, the secret of its hiding place died with them.

Graëlfire combines the supernatural stone and Cathar elements of Grail legend into a thrilling adventure that blends classic Arthurian Grail tradition with the medieval German Grail story of Parzival.

Graëlfire’s soon-to-be published sequel, Graëlstorm, picks up where Graëlfire leaves off, propelling the story into a cosmic feud, the discovery of a secret identity, and a battle for survival.

As a tribute to the strands of the Grail’s mythical past woven into these books, I have designated the series as the “Cathar Grail Quest Saga.” If you love Holy Grail fiction, then this series is for you. It brings Grail myth into the present day and puts a fresh twist on a compelling theme.

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